Ireland's top competitive and pleasure ride

Ride Day Emergency Number

078 3546 4485

The emergency number for the St. Patrick's Coast ride is listed above. We suggest you store it in your phones as St. Patricks 2018.
It will also be listed in the Rider Information pack and all riders will be issued with 2 labels listing the number, again in their Rider packs, 1 for the rider (hat/body) and one for the horse (back of saddle) which should be attached accordingly BEFORE riding out.

Note: this number is different to last year’s so if you stored it in your phone last year please remember to update it.

Start Times

ER Vetting opens at 07:30am

CTR vetting can commences when all ERs are vetted

PR Vetting follows on all morning - just allow 10 minutes before you strt for a quick trot up.

80km ER - 8.15 Mass Start 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

80km CTR - 8.25 - 8:45 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

64km CTR - 8.30 - 8:45 2 x 32km loops Vet Gate after 32km

48km CTR - 8.30 - 9.00 1 x 32km + 1 x 16km Vet Gate after 32km

40km CTR - 9.00 - 9:30 1 x 40km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km CTR - 9.00 - 10:00 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km PR - 10:00 - 11:00 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

16km PR - 11:00 - 11.30 1 x 16km loop No in ride Vet Gates

All Vet Gates will have 40 min hold unless notified otherwise by the vets on the day of the ride

Present time to vets - In-ride vet gates: 20 minutes - At finish: 30 minutes

Maximum Heart Rate 64bpm at all vet checks.


Please note marking on the route will be the final instructions for riders. Harvesting and other activities may enforce small route changes to be added since the maps were published so always follow the route markings on course.

Click for Route Map

Rider info - Maps

Rider Notes

All riders should please download and read this document before starting the event. There will also be a version in your rider pack which you will get when you register on the day.

These notes are designed to offer guidance on the course and notes on taking part at the ride to help everyone get the most from it in a safe and enjoyable way.

Riders should remember that these are guidance notes and you are expected to ride responsibly at all times.

Download Rider Notes

Rider info - Notes

On - Site facilities

On the day you will find:


  • Easy Access and Parking
  • Catering Van serving from Breakfast time right through
  • Photographer - wll be out on course and selling prints from the ride office or his van after the ride
  • Water for your horse - cooling and drinking (but bring yur own and it may save some carrying)
  • Friendy Ride Office Staff
  • Helpful Stewards and Vets to assist you through the vetting process for 1st timers.


This and most images on this web site are courtsey of our ride photographer -

On site  On the day you will find: