Ireland's top competitive and pleasure ride

A few do-s and don't-s

Some ride advice for those new to Endurance

We hope this list, along with advice and instructions in your rider pack, will help you, your horse or pony, and all our stewards, helpers and other riders enjoy the day:-

  • Consider the welfare of your horse first
  • Bring water and a small feed (for after you have finished and vetted) for your horse to the event
  • Bring a crew if you have a friend or family member who is free to help (see crewing)
  • You can NOT ride in Spurs
  • You can NOT with a long (Dressage style) whip
  • Turn up in good time for your start window (remember you need to check in, maybe vet, and tack up etc to start.
  • Ride at a steady and safe pace for your horse - do not stop for prolonged periods, picnics etc (remember stewards will be waiting for you at road crossings etc.)
  • Show courtesy to all you meet on the route - you will meet and see:
    • Volunteers who give up their time to ensure this ride is as afe as can be for you and your fellow riders. Obey them, if they say stop, PLEASE STOP, say Thank You.
    • Farmers and landowners may be out on their land, always say Thank You.
    • Officials and Stewards - again please respect there instructions.
  • If riding though a cropped or silage (longer grass) fields make sure you follow the rig (edge of the field) or the tram lines (the routes tractors use to spray) as marked.
  • If you need help ask at the next manned road crossing or check point or, in the case of an emergency, use the emergency number you will have been given in your rider pack.

St Patrick's Coast Merchandise and Clothing

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Please complete the attached form and send as details along with a cheque and your order details.

Order Form

Vetting at St. Patrick's Coast

What is involved in Vetting for a PR

At St. Patrick's Coast you can ride it purely as a Pleasure Ride or you can ride as a Pleasure Rider but record a score to allow you to compete for any of a number of prizes and awards such as the Open Team Event, Pleasure Ride Trophy or any of the other specials.

To record a score you need to present your horse or pony to the vets before you ride out and again, within 30 minutes, of finishing. You also need to ensure the timekeeper records both your start and finish time.


Your horse will have a Heart Rate check (must be 64bpm or less), it vitals such as metabolism, hydration etc will be checked, any blemishes etc. will be recorded and finally you will be asked to trot your horse up and down the vet lane to check for soundness.

At the final vetting the process is repeated but the Heart Rate will be taken twice, before and after the trot up, and 1 minute apart.

You horse can be presented in a headcollar or bridal, you should not have saddle or boots on, do not apply hoof oil.

There is no specific time to present before starting so you can come down to the vet gate and then return to your trailer to tack up before starting.

On completion of the ride we suggest you return to your trailer (or the crewing area in the vet field) and cool your horse down. Encourage drinking but not eating at this stage. Peeing is good as well. Note your finish time and then present to the vet steward within 30 minutes of your finish time.

Vetting What is involved in Vetting for a PR

Crewing at St. Patrick's Coast

Why have a crew?

Endurance (or Pleasure Ride) Crewing

Notes on crewing for Pleasure riders will be added here.

On a longer ride a crew (or helper) is a great asset to a rider and horse. They will meet the rider at various, generally pre-defined, crew points listed in the rider information and shown on a ride map. 

Here they can provide water and nutrition to both rider and horse as necessary. On the St. Patrick's Coast ride there are many field drinkers that horses can drink from but hydration is essential an suppling fluid that is maybe flavoured, with sugarbeet or apple juice etc, can increase the amount your horse will drink.

Rider support is also very valuable. Energy food and drink, change in clothing and even just moral support can be very beneficial.

A crew can be anyone (or more than one person), they need to be able to drive (or have a driver) and have a vehicle. 

They will need to carry water (or other flavoured fluid) for horse to drink and to be used to cool them down on a hot day, buckets and maybe some spare tack, first aid (human and equine) kits, hoof pick

For the rider a change of clothing should the weather change and some energy drink and food is always a good idea.

At St. Patrick's Coast there are a number of designated Crew Points marked on the map that your crew can meet you. We encourage all riders to have a crew, or if riding as a group one support crew can look after a number of riders.

Crewing Why have a crew?

Start & Vetting Times

2019 START Times - confirmed

ER Vetting opens at 07:50am

CTR vetting can commence when all ERs are vetted. Longer distance combinations will be given priority.

PR Vetting commences at 9:00am and follows on all morning - Pleasure Riders who wish to be vetted should present their horse (untacked) at least 15 minutes before their intended start time. There may be queue at busy times.

80km ER - 8.15 Mass Start 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

80km CTR - 8.25 - 8:45 2 x 40km loops Vet Gate after 1st loop at 40km

64km CTR - 8.30 - 8:45 2 x 32km loops Vet Gate after 32km

48km CTR - 8.30 - 9.00 1 x 32km + 1 x 16km Vet Gate after 32km

40km CTR - 8.30 - 8:45 1 x 40km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km CTR - 8.45 - 9:00 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

32km PR - 9:00 - 10:30 1 x 32km loop No in ride Vet Gates

16km Pre-Novice CTR - 10:15 - 10:30 1 x 16km loop No in ride Vet Gates

16km PR - 10:30 - 12.00 1 x 16km loop No in ride Vet Gates

All Vet Gates will have 40 min hold unless notified otherwise by the vets on the day of the ride.

Present time to vets - 30 minutes from your recorded finish time on all occasions.
Therefore at the finish and for all mid-ride vetting, you must present within 30 minutes of your recorded finish time or, in the case of mid-ride vets, time into the vetgate. You do not have to wait the full 30 minutes if your horse or pony is ready to vet.

Maximum Hearts:
- 64bpm or below for Pleasure Riders
- 60bpm or below for CTR/ER on presentation for vetting and 64bpm or below after trot up

There is reason for such structured start times relating to safety and the times our volunteer stewards are at their posts therefore:
32km Pleasure Riders arriving late will be changed to the 16km ride.
16km Pleasure Riders arriving late will will only be allowed to start with permission of the ride organisers.
If allowed to start their scores will NOT be allowed for the various competitions and trophies.
Please be on time.

2019 Ride Information

2019 Rider Notes

We have written some notes to help you enjoy the St. Patrick's Coast Ride - these will also be included in your rider pack on the day but we encourage you to download and read them in advance of the ride.

There is help and advice on all aspects of the ride from arrival to departure including specific information on vetting and the actual routes you will be riding.

Click for 2019 Rider Notes

Please read these notes before arriving at the ride. They are designed to make your day as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Rider Notes 2019

2019 Map now available

Please note marking on the route will be the final instructions for riders. Harvesting and other activities may enforce small route changes to be added since the maps were published so always follow the route markings on course.

Click for 2019 Route Map

Rider info - Maps 2019

On - Site facilities

On the day you will find:


  • Easy Access and Parking
  • Catering Van serving from Breakfast time right through.
  • Photographer - will be out on course and selling prints from the ride office or his van after the ride.
  • Water for your horse - cooling and drinking (but bring your own and it may save some carrying).
  • Friendy Ride Office Staff.
  • Helpful Stewards and Vets to assist you through the vetting process esp. for 1st timers.


This and most images on this web site are courtsey of our ride photographer SDS Photo -

On site  On the day you will find: