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Without the on-going support of our sponsors and supporters this ride would not be able to happen. Apart from the huge debt of gratitude we owe of Landowners and Famers we also what to acknowledge the generous support from local and national business who make generous contributions to the running of the ride.

Baileys Horse Feeds   Kingsfield Haylage   Boyd bedding | Bluefrog   Botanica   Performance Equestrian   On The Hoof Distance Training   Downpatrick Racecourse   ILDRA  

Baileys Horse Feeds

Baileys have been involved since Year 1 and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Judy Maxwell and Baileys for the hands on help, encouragement and general enthusiastic support they have given each and every year.

Baileys Horse Feeds Web site

Baileys Horse Feeds

Kingsfield Horse Haylage

Pat Turley and Kingsfield Horse Haylage also have been keen supporters of the ride from the outset. Not just suppling sponsorship for prizes put Pat and team have always been there to help with course preparation, Topping parts of the old railway, taking down and fixes fences, suppling straw for the stables as well as removing the waste after. All this help, support and encouragement is much appreciated. We are delighted that Pat and some members of the family have also been able to enjoy the ride as well on occasions over the years.

Kingsfield Horse Haylage Web site

Kingsfield Horse Haylage


Boyd Bedding and Bluefrog came on board for in 2019 - we are delighted to welcome them back for 2022 and thank them for their support of the St. Patrick's Coast Ride.




Botanica have sponsored a variety of different classes over the years, again having been on board since year 1. Their support is invaluable to the St. Patrick's Coast Ride. We than Sean and teh team sincerely for their ongoing support

Botanica web site


Performance Equestrian

Steve from Performance Equestrian is well known to Endurance Riders throughout Ireland and the UK. They have donated an Endurance Bridal every year to go to the top Competitive rider at St. Patrick's Coast. Thank you Steve, we are most appreciative of your support year on year.

Performance Equestrian web site

Performance Equestrian

On The Hoof DT (Distance Training)

Maggie Pattinson has recently retired after 12 yrs as Chef d’Equipe of the England home international endurance squad , she is currently the official coach and trainer for the Mongol Derby entrants (a race across 1000km of Mongolian Steppe which draws riders from across the world).

Maggie has a lifetime’s experience across equestrian disciplines from dressage to racing and became involved in endurance riding about 20 years ago. Maggie has ridden, crewed and trained at international level and with her passion for fitness and individuality Maggie is the ideal person to help you whether you’re a newcomer, a happy hacker, top competitor with a “confidence issue” or a competitor who would like focus and/or an old hand to discuss any thoughts or issues you may have.

Maggie runs a unique Coaching Service offering help and advice: covering fitness; training programmes; rehab programmes; confidence and coaching to riders and their horses across the globe all ONLINE!

On the Hoof Endurance Training has run demonstrations at major events (FEI European Championships), clinics for pony clubs, riding clubs and friends just getting together, talks at colleges, awards events, rehabilitation programmes and much, much more..!

On the Hoof DT web site

On the Hoof DT

Downpatrick Racecourse

Richard and the team are great supported of the St. Patrick's Coast ride and provided great encouragement and untethered access to the facilities at the Racecourse allowing us to provide a venue 2nd to none.

Richard, and other members of teh team, have also taken part on the ride over the years so fully understand how special this event is.

Downpatrick Racecourse web site

Downpatrick Race Course


ILDRA (Endurance Riding Ireland, are the governing body for Endurance / Long Distance Riding in Ireland. Their co-operation in running this ride is invaluable.

St. Patrick's Coast has had the honour of hosting both the Irish National Championships and the Annual Home International and Celtic Challenge competitions on behalf of ILDRA.

ILDRA web site